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Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Interventionist (by recommendation only)12/05/2023SubstituteSUBSTITUTE - NON EMPLOYEEApply
Student Teacher Sub12/05/2023SubstituteSUBSTITUTE - NON EMPLOYEEApply
Music/Choir Teacher - DuBray Middle - Duration of 23-24 School Year - 1 Year Only12/01/2023CertifiedA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Track - Boys Asst Coach - EHS11/30/2023Extra Pay Extra DutyEAST HIGH SCHOOLApply
Clerk - Recess (5 hours) - Ostmann Elementary11/28/2023Support StaffA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
1st Grade Teacher (One Year Only-Second Semester) - Pheasant Point Elementary11/21/2023CertifiedA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Custodian (3:00pm-11:30pm) - Forest Park Elementary School11/21/2023Support StaffA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Finance Secretary - West Middle11/20/2023Support StaffA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Cook/Cashier - Dardenne Elementary11/20/2023Student Nutrition ServicesA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Paraprofessional - St. Peters Elementary11/17/2023ParaprofessionalA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Clerk - Playground (Elementary) - Mount Hope Elementary11/16/2023Support StaffA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Paraprofessional (ILABS) - Twin Chimneys Elementary11/16/2023ParaprofessionalA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Maintenance I - Facilities11/13/2023MaintenanceA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Purchasing Secretary - Purchasing Department11/10/2023Support StaffA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Paraprofessional - North High11/10/2023ParaprofessionalA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Paraprofessional - Twin Chimneys Elementary11/10/2023ParaprofessionalA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Paraprofessional (ILABS) - JL Mudd Elementary11/10/2023ParaprofessionalA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Clerk - Office (9 Month) - St. Peters Elementary11/07/2023Support StaffA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
2024-2025 Future Certified Teacher11/07/2023CertifiedA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Nurse - Float - District Office11/03/2023Support StaffA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Paraprofessional - Dardenne Elementary (2023-2024)11/01/2023ParaprofessionalA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Special Ed Teacher (SELF) - Mount Hope Elementary (1 Year Only)10/30/2023CertifiedA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Clerk - Playground (Elementary) - Forest Park Elementary10/30/2023Support StaffA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Custodian (6:30am-3:00pm)- Mount Hope Elementary10/23/2023Support StaffA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Construction Manager10/19/2023Support StaffA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
10 Month Custodian10/19/2023Support StaffA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Clerk - Duplicating - St. Peters Elementary10/19/2023Support StaffA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Clerk - Duplicating - Forest Park Elementary10/18/2023Support StaffA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Occupational Therapist (part time) - Early Childhood Center10/12/2023Professional Support StaffA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Cook - DuBray Middle School (2023-2024)10/05/2023Student Nutrition ServicesA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Security Officer - Night - East High10/03/2023Support StaffA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Future Evening Custodian (3:00-11:30)10/01/2023Support StaffA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Track-Girls Asst Coach-Throwing - NHS09/21/2023Extra Pay Extra DutyNORTH HIGH SCHOOLApply
Paraprofessional - Mike Clemens Center (2023-2024)09/21/2023ParaprofessionalA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Computer Technician Apprenticeship09/19/2023SubstituteA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
3rd Grade Teacher - Forest Park Elementary (1 year only) 2023-2024 school year09/12/2023CertifiedA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Paraprofessional - West Middle (2023-2024)09/12/2023ParaprofessionalA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Mechanic Apprentice- Transportation09/05/2023TransportationA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Mechanic - Transportation09/05/2023Support StaffA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Custodian (10:30am-7:00pm) - West High (2023-2024)08/23/2023Support StaffA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Maintenance II - Facilities08/18/2023MaintenanceA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Custodian (3:00pm-11:30pm) - North Middle School08/08/2023Support StaffA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Custodian (3:00pm-11:30pm) - DuBray Middle School08/08/2023Support StaffA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Payroll Secretary - District Office08/03/2023Support StaffA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Maintenance II - Facilities06/29/2023MaintenanceA VIDEO INTERVIEWApply
Hall Monitor06/29/2023SubstituteSUBSTITUTE - NON EMPLOYEEApply
Substitute Teacher-Long Term &/or Permanent06/29/2023SubstituteSUBSTITUTE - NON EMPLOYEEApply
Substitute Nurse06/29/2023SubstituteSUBSTITUTE - NON EMPLOYEEApply
Substitute Food Service06/29/2023SubstituteSUBSTITUTE - NON EMPLOYEEApply
Substitute Custodian06/29/2023SubstituteSUBSTITUTE - NON EMPLOYEEApply